Talks and Conference Presentations

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Invited talks:

“The digital excavation and representation of Petrarch’s Rerum vulgarium fragmenta” University of New Hampshire, Durham NH (14 February 2017)

“The Petrarchive Project: Editing and Digital Visualization” Rutgers University (27 September 2016)

Panels organized:

“Italian Studies in the digital age”, CSIS (Canadian Society for Italian Studies)2018, University of Ottawa (11-13 May 2018)

“Digital Approaches to Italian Medieval and Early Modern Texts”, NeMLA, Pittsburgh PA (12-15 April 2018)

“Digital Humanities and Renaissance Italy”, RSA (Renaissance Society of America) 2018, New Orleans LA (22-24 March 2018)

“Medieval Studies at the Newberry Library: New Approaches in Challenging Times” with C. Fletcher, L. Markey and K. Christianson IMA (Illinois Medieval Association) 2018, Loyola University (16-17 February 2018)

“Editing Dante and Petrarch Between Digital and Print” with B. Arduini and M. Aresu, Book History and Digital Humanities, University of Madison-Wisconsin (23 September 2017)

Conference presentations:

“The Italian Paleography Project”, RSA 2018, New Orleans LA (22-24 March 2018)

What does that say? Digital Paleography Training at the Newberry”, IMA 2018, Loyola University (17 February 2018)

Natura pronus ad calamum (Sen. VII 1): Petrarch’s continuous self-censorship towards an unrealized “final copy” of the Fragmenta”, MLA 2018, New York City (4-7 January 2018)

“The Cultural Transmission of a Fragile Language: The Vulnerable Presence of Old Occitan in the Medieval Italian Peninsula”, MLA 2018, New York City (4-7 January 2018)

“Critical and editorial accretions: sixteenth-century reconstructions of a new canzoniere”, SCSC (Sixteenth Century Society Conference) 2017, Milwaukee WI (28 October 2017)

“Collaborative digital editing: re-visualizing Petrarch’s Fragmenta” in BH and DH: Book History and Digital Humanities, Madison, WI (September 23, 2017)

“Medieval textuality in the digital domain” in International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI (11 May 2017)

“Digital editing and manuscript studies: an interdisciplinary collaboration” in RSA 2017, Chicago, IL (30 March 2017)

“New digital approaches to Italian studies: ‘connecting’ medieval and 21st century ‘users’ ” in MLA 2017 Conference, Philadelphia, PA (5 January 2017)

“Textual transmission and interpretative mediations of Petrarch’s Fragmenta” in The Pre-Modern Book in a Global Context, Binghamton, NY (21-22 October 2016)

“Digital representations of Petrarch’s Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta” in DHSI Colloquium, University of Victoria, Canada (7 June 2016)

“New digital solutions in the study of Petrarch’s Fragmenta” in Canadian Society for Italian Studies Conference, Toronto, Canada (14 May 2016)

“Interpretative mediations of Dante’s Commedia: from the editio princeps to new digital practices”, in International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI. (12 May 2016)

“Deep maps and spatial humanities: visualizing the formation of the Fragmenta.”, in 47th Annual NeMLA Convention, Hartford, Connecticut. (19 March 2016)

“Petrarchive. An edition of Petrarch’s songbook Rerum vulgarium fragmenta”, project presentation in The European Summer University in Digital Humanities 2015, Universität Leipzig, Germany. (4 August 2015)

“The Fragmenta’s Timeline: Models for Reconstructing and Interpreting the Text”, in Authority and Materiality in the Italian Songbook: From the Medieval Lyric to the Early Modern Madrigal, Binghamton, NY. (2 May 2015)

“Working towards your PhD exams”, in FRIT Professionalization Workshop at Indiana University (15 November 2014)

“Petrarchive: a new digital frontier in the study of Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta”, in The Communities of Italy: New and Traditional Approaches, organized by the Delaware Valley Medieval Association, Drew University, Madison, NJ. (5 April 2014)

Brutti, sporchi e cattivi e il ritratto della nuova schiavitù nel cinema contemporaneo” in PAMLA Conference, Univ. of San Diego. (3 November 2013)