Professional workshops

Competitive Institutes | Professional development workshops | IT Certificates

Competitive Institutes:

Digital Humanities Summer Institute (Week #1), University of Victoria, Canada. (workshop: “Conceptualizing and Creating a Digital Edition”) (4-8 June 2018)

NEH “Make your edition: models and methods for digital textual scholarship” Institute on Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities, University of Pittsburgh, PA (9-30 July 2017)

Mellon Summer Institute in Italian Paleography, Newberry Library, Chicago, IL (27 June – 15 July 2016)

Digital Humanities Summer Institute (Week #1 and #2), University of Victoria, Canada. (workshops: “Creating LAMP Infrastructure for Digital Humanities Projects”; “Digital Preservation Basics for DH” and “Understanding Topic Modeling”) (6-17 June 2016)

The European Summer University in Digital Humanities, University of Leipzig, Germany (workshops attended: “Project Planning and Management” and “XML-TEI”) (27 Jul-7 Aug 2015)

Professional development workshops:

Using Open Data I (Introduction) and II (Advanced), the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies at University of Pennsylvania, at Kalamazoo MI (12 May 2017)

DH @ Madrid Summer School. Introducción a la Edición Digital Académica, Universided Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid, Spain: online attendance. (13-17 July 2015)

TEI Conference at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (22-24 Oct. 2014)

Venice Inscribed: Literary Seminar, Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge UK (Spring 2011)

IT Certificates:

“Web Creation” in IT Training Certificate Series, Indiana University (2016)

“Web Site Design Fundamentals” in IT Training Certificate Series, Indiana University (completed November 20, 2014)