The Petrarchive project

The Petrarchive project (ed. Storey, Walsh and Magni) is the first digital rich-text edition of one of the icons of Italian literary tradition: Francesco Petrarca’s Rerum Vulgarism Fragmenta. It provides high quality color facsimile images from the partial holograph mms. Vaticano Latino 3195, a diplomatic transcription of the texts and a normalized version.

Vaticano latino 3195 c.1r (left) and its diplomatic transcription (right):

Interactive Timeline for the Petrarchive Project

Creation of an interactive timeline of Petrarch’s biography and the history of his works: a way of examining carefully what is verifiable and distinguish between three different levels of information: dated (what is certainly verifiable from the material evidence), datable (what can be deducted from the study of the material evidence and its context) and conjectured (what is assumed to be true, without material evidence).

Software: Simile Timeline

Monograph on the early manuscript tradition of Petrarch’s Fragmenta (Title and publisher TBD)

Preparing a monograph on the early manuscript tradition of Petrarch’s Fragmenta focusing in particular on Wilkins’s conjectured “Malatesta form” and on the relationship between Petrarch and Pandolfo Malatesta through a historical, hands-on, philological investigation of the material documents we possess.

Digital pedagogical project: 

Investigating the intersection between research and pedagogy in the digital humanities, applied to Italian studies. How to use websites, digital tools, software and digital methods in the classroom?  This project consist in the creation of a website collecting resources and best practices for teaching using digital tools and methods: deep maps and geographical information systems, visual representations and digital timelines, text encoding and text mining can give new dimensions not only in researching and understanding literary works but also in the way students can read and interpret them.



The Digital Reconstruction of Petrarch’s Fragmenta

“The Digital Reconstruction of Petrarch’s Fragmenta” is my PhD dissertation project in which I challenge Ernest H. Wilkins’ (1951) theories of the genesis of Petrarch’s Rerum Vulgarum Fragmenta in nine conjectured authorial forms, proposing new ways of interpreting the early stages of the construction of the songbook. While examining  the first stages in the compilation of Petrarch’s songbook through a hands-on historical and philological approach, I also investigate how digital tools, including new digital methods and editions, can advance our research opening especially new possibilities in the representation and study of primary cultural and historical sources, such as manuscripts and early printed books.

Petrarch Timeline

Group project aiming at creating a Timeline for the Petrarchive project ( initial investigation of softwares; creation of timeline samples; analysis of potential future issues.