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Digital projects:

The Àlbizi Ledger

The Àlbizzi memorial book is a unique and unpublished codex (VAULT Case MS 27) offering a new insight into Medieval Florentine society: written during the years of the Black Death – 1339-1360 – by a merchant and active member of one of the most influential Florentine families – Pepo degli Àlbizzi – it also records dates and details of all the deaths in the family and its closest circles caused by the infamous plague.

The edition (ed. Magni) will provide transcription, English translation and commentary of the entire diary, while proposing digital representations of the visual dynamics of the texts on the manuscript page and the physical construction of the book itself, in an attempt to render a classic XIV and XV century book type – the merchant book – more visually accessible and engaging.

The Petrarchive project

The Petrarchive project* (ed. Storey, Walsh and Magni) is the first digital rich-text edition of one of the icons of Italian literary tradition: Francesco Petrarca’s Rerum Vulgarism Fragmenta. It provides high quality color facsimile images from the partial holograph mms. Vaticano Latino 3195, a diplomatic transcription of the texts and a normalized version.

I am currently in charge of preparing and encoding diplomatic and edited transcription and working with Storey in creating a new commentary of Petrarch’s 366 poems.

As part of my work on the Petrarchive project I am also creating of an interactive timeline of Petrarch’s biography and the history of his works: a way of examining carefully what is verifiable and distinguish between three different levels of information: dated (what is certainly verifiable from the material evidence), datable (what can be deducted from the study of the material evidence and its context) and conjectured (what is assumed to be true, without material evidence). When completed, the timeline will be part of the Petrarchive website.

Software: Simile Timeline


*Funded by NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities )  2014-2017 and IU New Frontiers Grant 2013-2014

Online Handbook for Italian Paleography 1300-1600

Development and creation of an Italian Paleography Website ( Markey, Magni and Signorini) at the Newberry Research Library in collaboration with University of Toronto (Libraries and ITS) and University of Saint Louis (T-Pen) for teaching and researching Italian Medieval and Renaissance scripts and documents (project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation).

The website will contain images from the Italian collection at the Newberry Library and other major North American Institutions (Getty Research Institute, Columbia University, The Morgan Library, University of Pennsylvania and more); complete transcriptions and background essays of each document digitized; embedded T-Pen software for actively transcribing each document (documents and manuscripts selected have a wide range of difficulty in terms of readability, serving both beginners and experienced users); extensive research materials (general introductions about paleography and manuscript studies, detailed descriptions of scripts, glossaries, interactive timelines etc.); pedagogical tools (examples of activities, lesson plans and syllabi built using the website and its digital-paleographical features).


“Tracing the genesis of Francesco Petrarca’s Rerum vulgarium fragmenta” (title subject to change)

Preparing a monograph on the early manuscript tradition of Petrarch’s Fragmenta focusing in particular on Wilkins’s conjectured “Malatesta form” and on the relationship between Petrarch and Pandolfo Malatesta through a historical, hands-on, philological investigation of the material documents we possess.