Completed Projects

The Digital Reconstruction of Petrarch’s Fragmenta

“The Digital Reconstruction of Petrarch’s Fragmenta” is my PhD dissertation project in which I challenge Ernest H. Wilkins’ (1951) theories of the genesis of Petrarch’s Rerum Vulgarum Fragmenta in nine conjectured authorial forms, proposing new ways of interpreting the early stages of the construction of the songbook. While examining  the first stages in the compilation of Petrarch’s songbook through a hands-on historical and philological approach, I also investigate how digital tools, including new digital methods and editions, can advance our research opening especially new possibilities in the representation and study of primary cultural and historical sources, such as manuscripts and early printed books.

Petrarch Timeline

Group project aiming at creating a Timeline for the Petrarchive project ( initial investigation of softwares; creation of timeline samples; analysis of potential future issues.