Talks and publications


Digital edition:

  • 2013-present. The An edition of Petrarch’s songbook Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta (H. Wayne Storey, John Walsh and Isabella Magni)

Articles and book chapters:

  • “Interpretative mediations of Petrarch’s Fragmenta: from the editio princeps to new digital practices”, accepted and forthcoming in Manuscript Studies, University of Pennsylvania Press Journals, 2017.
  • “Reading the Comedy in Manuscripts: Material Philology in Dante Studies”, with H. Wayne Storey in the MLA volume Teaching Dante’s Divine Comedy. 2016.
  • “The Fragmenta’s Timeline: Models for Reconstructing and Interpreting the Text”, in special issue Italian Songbooks, ed. Paul Schleuse and Olivia Holmes (accepted and forthcoming at Mediaevalia), 2017.
  • “Thinking digital: Donna mi uene spesso ne la mente as a fundamental yet unstable text in the study of the Fragmenta”, with Prof. John Walsh (accepted and forthcoming at) Digital Philology. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. 2016.
  • “I codici paralleli dei Fragmenta“, in Medioevo letterario d’Italia. Vol. 12, 2015.
  • Django unchained: uno spaghetti western made by Tarantino, “Luci e Ombre” vol. IV: 114-116.

Articles in progress:

  • “Plotting poetry” with John A. Walsh, in progress (2017).
  • “Digital Humanities and Italian Studies”, collaborative essay with A. Cooper, S. Ferrando, C. Hall, B. Hennessey, D. Leisawitz and M. Lollini, in progress (2017).
  • “Producing and assembling medieval books: the material organization of the final triptych of Dante’s Purgatorio in MMS Italicus 1”, in progress (2017).


  • Colombo, Davide. Foscolo e i commentatori danteschi. in “Quaderni d’italianistica: Revue officielle de la société canadienne pour les études italiennes”. Vol. XXXVII: 2016.
  • Maggie Kilgour and Elena Lombardi, eds. Dantean Dialogues: Engaging with the Legacy of Amilcare Iannucci. “Italica”. 2014.
  • Helena Sanson, ‘Orsù non più signora, […] tornate a segno’: Womwn, Language, Games and Debates in Cinquecento Italy,La Rassegna della letteratura italiana” CXVII/1 (2013): 211-212.
  • Roberto Rossellini documentarista. Una cultura della realtà. “Luci e Ombre”, vol. II: 98-100.

Conference talks and presentations

Natura pronus ad calamum (Sen. VII 1): Petrarch’s continuous self-censorship towards an unrealized “final copy” of the Fragmenta”, MLA 2018, New York City (4-7 January 2018)

“The Cultural Transmission of a Fragile Language: The Vulnerable Presence of Old Occitan in the Medieval Italian Peninsula”, MLA 2018, New York City (4-7 January 2018)

“Medieval textuality in the digital domain” in International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI (11 May 2017)

“Digital editing and manuscript studies: an interdisciplinary collaboration” in RSA (Renaissance Society of America) 2017, Chicago, IL (30 March 2017)

“The digital excavation and representation of Petrarch’s Rerum vulgarium fragmenta” University of New Hampshire, Durham NH (14 February 2017)

“New digital approaches to Italian studies: ‘connecting’ medieval and 21st century ‘users’ ” in MLA 2017 Conference, Philadelphia, PA (5 January 2017)

“Textual transmission and interpretative mediations of Petrarch’s Fragmenta” in The Pre-Modern Book in a Global Context, Binghamton, NY (21-22 October 2016)

“Digital representations of Petrarch’s Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta” in DHSI Colloquium, University of Victoria, Canada (7 June 2016)

“New digital solutions in the study of Petrarch’s Fragmenta” in Canadian Society for Italian Studies Conference, Toronto, Canada (14 May 2016)

“Interpretative mediations of Dante’s Commedia: from the editio princeps to new digital practices”, in International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI. (12 May 2016)

“Deep maps and spatial humanities: visualizing the formation of the Fragmenta.”, in 47th Annual NeMLA Convention, Hartford, Connecticut. (19 March 2016)

“Petrarchive. An edition of Petrarch’s songbook Rerum vulgarium fragmenta”, project presentation in The European Summer University in Digital Humanities 2015, Universität Leipzig, Germany. (4 August 2015)

“The Fragmenta’s Timeline: Models for Reconstructing and Interpreting the Text”, in Authority and Materiality in the Italian Songbook: From the Medieval Lyric to the Early Modern Madrigal, Binghamton, NY. (2 May 2015)

“Working towards your PhD exams”, in FRIT Professionalization Workshop at Indiana University (15 November 2014)

TEI Conference at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (22-24 Oct. 2014)

“Petrarchive: a new digital frontier in the study of Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta”, in The Communities of Italy: New and Traditional Approaches, organized by the Delaware Valley Medieval Association, Drew University, Madison, NJ. (5 April 2014)

Brutti, sporchi e cattivi e il ritratto della nuova schiavitù nel cinema contemporaneo” in PAMLA Conference, Univ. of San Diego. (3 November 2013)

Professional workshops

NEH “Make your edition: models and methods for digital textual scholarship ” Institute on Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities, University of Pittsburgh, PA (9-30 July 2017)

Mellon Summer Institute in Italian Paleography, Newberry Library, Chicago, IL (27 June – 15 July 2016)

Digital Humanities Summer Institute (Week #1 and #2), University of Victoria, Canada. (workshops: “Creating LAMP Infrastructure for Digital Humanities Projects”; “Digital Preservation Basics for DH” and “Understanding Topic Modeling”) (6-17 June 2016)

The European Summer University in Digital Humanities, University of Leipzig, Germany (workshops attended: “Project Planning and Management” and “XML-TEI”) (27 Jul-7 Aug 2015)

DH @ Madrid Summer School. Introducción a la Edición Digital Académica, Universided Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid, Spain: online attendance. (13-17 July 2015)

IT Certificates

“Web Creation” in IT Training Certificate Series, Indiana University. (2016)

“Web Site Design Fundamentals” in IT Training Certificate Series, Indiana University (completed November 20, 2014)